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Following questions and answers will help you know us better.

How is your Quality Control?


For our factory, we launch ISO9001 Quality Management System. And all goods will be FULLY inspected before delivery. For other products not produced by us, we send our QA and QC team to inspect the goods during production and before delivery to make sure they are made strictly according to our Contract and Quality Standards


What’s  your package ?    


Rich package for your optional. Polybag, Blister card, Hanging card and Customized.


What’s your MOQ?


Different Models have different MOQ. We accept small quantity for those we have stock. Please contact us for the items you are interested and we will provide details.
A. Polybag Pack:
1. Razor quantity should reach to 100,000 -200,000 pcs
2. Colored bag MOQ is 20,000 sets 

B. Blister Card set pack:
1. Disposable Razor Item:
a. Razor quantity should reach to 50,000 pcs
b. Colored Card MOQ is 10,000 sets

2. System Razor Item:
MOQ is 10,000 sets


What’s your Payment Terms?


For all orders, 20-30% deposit is needed before production or preparation. Balance shall be paid before shipment. We accept payment by T/T, LC, West Union, Credit Card, e-checking and so on.


 What’s your Delivery time?


For present samples, our delivery time within 3 days, if redesign, needs 7 working days;
For bulk order, our delivery time normally is 20-35 days.


What’s your Samples policy?  


Within 3 day to express to you. Samples is free, freight to collect.

What’s your Warranty and its procedure?


For all products, we provide at limited lifetime warranty.
For warranty claim, please advise when and how it happens and send us the pictures or videos for our analysis.


How often should I change my CSRAZOR blades?


While there is no set rule, you should replace your blades at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

Will shaving give me ingrown hairs or red bumps?


An ingrown hair occurs when the end of a hair gets trapped underneath the skin, resulting in a little red bump. Ingrown hairs are caused by numerous factors, which is why some women might have a higher likelihood of getting ingrown hairs from shaving than others. There are a few tips to help reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs when shaving. First is exfoliation. Use either a brush or exfoliation soap on your skin to remove any obstructions to a hair’s growth. Second is to ensure your skin is hydrated by having a warm shower or bath. Last, use a fresh blade and shaving aid like FOR WOMEN.


Can I use CSRAZOR on my bikini line?


Yes, CSRAZOR razors can be used on your bikini line. For optimal results, it is recommended to first trim the area with some scissors or a hair trimmer. Then, in a warm shower or bath, apply shaving cream and use a razor with more than three blades to shave the area. Make sure to use a moisturizer when done to keep your skin hydrated.


What direction should I shave in?


The shaving direction depends on the body area due to the way the hair grows. For underarms, it is best to shave from all angles (up, down, and sideways). For legs, it is best to start at the ankle and move upwards. Finally, for the bikini area, first shave in the direction of the hair’s growth (inward) and then against for an extra close shave.

Some things are nice to not have to overthink. Like shaving.

Some things are nice to not have to overthink. Like shaving. 

It's simple, we do it almost every day, and yet somehow it still inspires endless debate. So we took on the mental heavy lifting on behalf of men and came back with 5 steps.

1. WASH YOUR FACE. Use warm water for up to 3 minutes to remove dead skin – gross – and avoid nicks and cuts – good

2. GO FOR THE GEL. Shave gel helps prevent razor burn. Let it sit and soak in for a minute if you have sensitive skin.

3. USE A MULTI-BLADE RAZOR. You'll get a smooth and incredibly close shave. The first blade not only cuts the hair, but it also lifts it out of the skin; the next blades cut progressively closer, enabling fewer strokes and leaving a closer shave with less irritation. Tip: if it feels like the blade is tugging at your skin, it might be time to change blades.

4. FINISH STRONG. Rinse with cold water, then splash on a moisturizing after shave. It will make you feel great and smell even greater.