CSRAZOR takes innovation seriously.

We pride ourselves on developing quality products that deliver performance comparable to the market leaders in the manual wet shave category. We have a dedicated team for new product innovations who continuously challenge ourselves to discover new technologies that provide a better shaving experience for our consumers. We believe that there is always room for improvement and are always looking for ways to innovate – even with our older technology products.

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In 2015, we have developed a family of new products with the latest open blade architecture technology platforms: Closer and Shark for men, SuperSensory and Pace for women. These products range from 3 blades to 6 blades and utilize our latest technology in blade geometry and lubrication. Come back regularly to visit our website for the latest product innovations!

Stay hungry, stay foolish. Innovation is a major power for us to keep challenging and growing.

Come back regularly to visit our website WWW.CSRAZOR.COM for the latest product innovations!